Rondo Commemorative Plaza


4RM+ULA consistently provides innovative, artful solutions that express the unique attributes of urban space. In the Rondo Commemorative Plaza, 4RM+ULA transformed the vacant site of a historic building into a tribute to the Old Rondo neighborhood that welcomes new Rondo to celebrate.


The neighborhood was once home to a large African-American community with churches, businesses, schools, and social clubs, until it was demolished to make room for I-94. To commemorate the neighborhood’s history of overcoming persistent racism and oppression, local non-profit Rondo Avenue Inc. (RAI) engaged 4RM+ULA to design the Rondo Commemorative Plaza (RCP) dedicated to preserving the memory of the community.

With a mission to creatively renew the urban condition, the proposed design merges memory with modernity and incorporates a mixture of landscaping and on-site interpretative spaces in a quiet escape from freeway noise and traffic. The proposed space is fit for contemplation, education, and inspiration.