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We are a diverse team of change-agents, dedicated to providing unexpected, client-centric solutions that challenge the status quo. We believe in artfully tailoring each client’s vision with resilient, technologically advanced architecture.

Founded in 2002, 4RM+ULA is a full-service architectural design firm that specializes in connecting communities through transit and aviation design, transit-oriented development, as well as community-focused, urban infill redevelopment projects.

it is our mission to:

  • Re-unite architecture with art.

  • Re-imagine our cities and neighborhoods with dynamic, forward vision.

  • Design spaces that respond to their climate, community, and context.

  • Create high-quality architecture in underrepresented communities, traditionally underserved by design professionals.

Our certifications


Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) – NYC Small Business

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) – New York State Department of Transportation

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) – The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Small Business Enterprise (SBE) – The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey


Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) – CERT Program

Small Business Enterprise (SBE) – CERT Program

Airport Concessionaire Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) – Minnesota Unified Certification Program

Our featured Works


Rondo Commemorative Plaza

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Green Line Light Rail Transit

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target field station the interchange

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Great River Landing

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Magic Shed+Diamond Cloud at Freedom Square

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Awards + Recognition

2019 ASLA Minnesota People’s Choice Award – Rondo Commemorative Plaza

2019 ASLA Minnesota Honor Award for General Design – Rondo Commemorative Plaza

2019 Minnesota Department of Transportation Environmental Stewardship Award – Webber 44 Public Engagement

2019 AIA National Young Architects Award – James Garrett Jr.

2017 ASLA Minnesota Merit Award for General Design – Freedom Square

2015  AIA Minnesota Young Architects Award – James Garrett Jr.

2015 AIA National Honor Award for Regional & Urban Design – Target Field Station

2014 AIA New York Citation for Design – Target Field Station

2009 AIA Minnesota Young Architects Award – Nathan Johnson

Our Partners

james garrett jr. 
aia + noma

P A R T N E R | A R C H I T E C T

nathan johnson

aia + leed-ap + noma

P A R T N E R | A R C H I T E C T

erick l. goodlow 


What We Do

4RM+ULA designs for the ever-evolving 21st century city. We believe in celebrating existing structures and improving engagement and communication between clients and stakeholders. We integrate emerging technologies and construction practices, continually seeking innovative, artful ways to improve the quality of life for our community.


Predesign is the phase of analysis that occurs after some form of funding is available and before design begins. Funds may be available to develop a detailed project program or only to investigate certain technical issues in order to determine scope, budget, or project schedule.

Schematic Design

Schematic design is the first phase. In this step, an architect talks with the client to determine the project requirements and goals.  Schematic Design often produces rough drawings of a site plan, floor plans, elevations and often illustrative sketches or computer renderings.

Design Development

During the design-development phase the architect will develop the approved concept design and provide documentation to explain it to the client, coordinate the work of specialist consultants, provide a schedule of proposed finishes, review the developed design against the budget and coordinate, and prepare an updated estimate of the cost of the works.

Construction Documentation

Construction Documents: Once the architect and client are comfortable with the drawings produced from the design development phase, they can move on to the construction documents. The construction document phase produces drawings with much more detail which are used for the construction of your project.


Bidding & Negotiation involves organizing a bidding process, making a contractor selection, and negotiating a construction contract. Selecting a contractor and negotiating the construction contract is an extremely important part of the project and should be conducted judiciously.

Construction Administration

Construction management or construction project management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a construction process from beginning to completion.  During construction administration, the bulk of the work shifts from the architect’s shoulders to the contractor’s. If at any time the contractor has a question about interpretation of the drawings or documents, a formal Request For Information (RFI) is submitted to the architect.  The architect is the point of communication between the contractor and the owner in matters regarding the contract including changes, acceptance of the work and payments to the contractor.

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